I like to introduce the ALBERTA photo by Fabrice Taton, because I often play on my guitar a blues titled ALBERTA – my little instrumental tribute to Eric Clapton’s ALBERTA…
photo by Fabrice Taton, click on the image to enter her galleries on!
listen to my guitar, first (fast version) practicing alone (playback method: rhythm guitar, bass, lead improvisation guitar), second (slower version) track was supported by the blues harp player Gernot Baur:


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3 responses to “ALBERTA


    I really preferred yours Frizz! Great work!


  2. Deb

    Enjoy the wild rose on the plate in the picture and the phrase “wild rose country” while you can. We in Alberta are about to get new plates and no one is happy about it. It is quite controversial as the general consensus is the public want to keep the “wild rose country” slogan. The wild rose is our provincial flower. Where it gets tricky is a few years ago a political party formed in our province called the Wild Rose Party, they are now the biggest threat to our reigning provincial party (known for corrupt spending and abuse of power I shall add…..thanks to Ms. Redford). Albertan’s are now being stripped of part of the provincial identity thanks to politics. I thought you might be interested in the controversy surrounding the plate in the picture.


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