A New York Photographer

Since we’ve visited New York, I’m interested on photographers who try to feature this great energetic community. Thanks to “mkc609” in Brooklyn, who gave permission, to introduce four of his photos. Click on the images to enter his galleries on flickr:

I fear you'll find that love is like the lovely lemon tree
title=”I fear you'll find that love is like the lovely lemon tree” – photo by mkc609
You can sell your dreams in a cafe
title=”You can sell your dreams in a cafe” – photo by mkc609
Go-Topless Day p02
title=”Go-Topless Day p02″, photo by mkc609
The Pick-Up
title=”The Pick-Up” – photo by mkc609

compare my own black and white photos, taken in Manhattan 1996/97:

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7 responses to “A New York Photographer

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  2. Great shots! I especially like the one on the subway with the wonderful reflections. Thanks for sharing.–Patti


  3. These are stunning images.


  4. your wife is the photographer of the outstanding b & w photographs of nyc? nyc and mississippi are my favorites where I, too, photograph .. please offer my deepest appreciation for her wonderful pictures and stories ….

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