Ilias and more

There were times when I was so choked by the wrong way of the world, that I fled in the music or in the contemplation of children or animals. But then I could breathe again and reminded me of the overwhelming force of writing against the nonsense …
beautiful stamp germany 300pf. 153c postes lyric homer ilias heinrich voss 1751-1826
title=”beautiful stamp germany 300pf. 153c lyric homer ilias heinrich voss 1751-1826″ – uploaded by stampolina, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT! Click on the image to enter stampolina’s galleries on flickr.

the original scrapbook entry:
Es gab Zeiten, da war ich so erstickt vom falschen Lauf der Welt, dass ich mich in die Musik flüchtete oder in die Betrachtung von Kindern oder Tieren. Aber dann bekam ich wieder Luft und erinnerte mich an die überwältigende Kraft des Schreibens gegen den Unsinn…

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11 responses to “Ilias and more

  1. Laura Bloomsbury

    integration in worldy matters invokes ire…
    you will appreciate then the lines of Wordsworth: the world is too much with us


  2. It is indeed tempting to pull the mental drawbridge (or even an real one come to that) and retreat into some self-absorbing pursuit. As Laura quoted, today in particular it seems that the world is too much with us; it is hard to fathom how some humans become so cruel and vicious, and seem to think they have the right to be so.


  3. and somewhere, that’s maybe what I was doing a few months ago with music (I still do…) poems and pictures. I’m back in other subjects in that cruel world….like this one for example : I hope I’m right in my “predictions”


    • bonjour Didier,
      maybe I’m wrong, but I had the feeling, that Brussels, Berlin, NATO Headquaters etc. made some provocations vs. Russia. I believe, the corrupt Ukrainian regime isn’t worth to risk a new cold or hot war with Russia…


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