What’s up in Ferguson?

Once I wrote a lot about Condoleezza Rice and the bad race integration in the sixties (Birmingham, Alabama). Now, though there is a colored president in Washington, it seems, the problems are still not solved. What’s up in Ferguson, I would like to write about this topic more and longer, but some personal points of view before would be very appreciated!

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11 responses to “What’s up in Ferguson?

  1. People who do not reside in Missouri have gone to this St Louis suburb with the agenda of creating chaos. Other persons with criminal backgrounds who are also not Ferguson residents have gone there to commit crimes. Yes, the residents of Ferguson are upset and some even angry, but they respect their community and are not the trouble makers. This is a case of a small handfull of people causing an entire community and race of people to look bad.

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    • vastlycurious.com

      Thank you for explaining, I wondered what was true!


    • I heard arguments like this in Turkey, Russia, China as well: “People who do not reside in Missouri have gone to this St Louis suburb with the agenda of creating chaos…” Often such arguments are trying to make the police violence legal. I cannot accept, that two German journalists have been hand chained and arrested by the US-police, who made the statement, that the foreigners did not follow the command to walk, not to hesitate while walking. My comment: yes, we march too much, others of us are creeping, no one is dancing any more – too much pressure and racism everywhere!


  2. I live in St. Louis. Ferguson is in north county; I live in south county. I learned that the policeman actually lived in my community. The police have cleaned everything out of his home and moved him to safety in hiding. He shot an unarmed teenager six times and he has not been arrested. I don’t think things will settle down until an arrest has been made. The police cannot harbor someone, one of their own, who has killed an unarmed man. Even Amnesty International has come to witness the events. Reporters are being arrested for doing their jobs. Protestors are being arrested, even a 90-year old Holocaust survivor.

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  4. What a mess, and now someone else has been shot in St. Louis . . .


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