Protect Yourself

Sometimes it is necessary to protect yourself! Nowadays you do things differently than in the Middle Ages. I like to use something more stringent linguistic description as wall against unreasonable demands.
fairytale castle, more than 100.000 views
photo by frizztext, more than 100,000 views – why? To remember a metaphor for protecting yourself?

read the comments with some links:

me playing in my favorite castle:

slide show with castle interior,
background music: me trying to play J.S. Bach BWV 1056:

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17 responses to “Protect Yourself

  1. A majestic shot, Frizz, and words for armour, that’s fighting talk, linguistically speaking 🙂


    • I liked the aphorism of Kurt Tucholsky: “The language is a weapon, keep it sharp!” And as for linguistic: I like Noam Chomsky and the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein:
      “One can easily imagine a language consisting only of orders and messages in battle, or a language consisting only of questions and an expression of affirmation and negation. And countless others. To imagine a language means to imagine a life form.“


      • I think you have given me much to think over this Saturday morning, Frizz. And yes, keeping one’s words sharp – sometimes it’s a struggle 🙂


        • and the first blogger of all, dear Tish, Michel de Montaigne, liked already to live like we live, surrounded by our books:
          Montaigne: “My library is in the third story of a tower; on the first is my chapel, on the second a bedroom with ante-chambers, where I often lie to be alone; and above it there is a great wardrobe. Adjoining my library is a very neat little room, in which a fire can be laid in winter, and which is pleasantly lighted by a window…” Michel de Montaigne (1533 – 1592)


          • Oh yes, Montaigne. Now he’s a man I’d like to meet. We have great need of his great good spirit. He was so ahead of his time wasn’t he, and in so many ways. Must now go and find his essays which are somewhere in my house.


  2. Schönes Bild von der Burg Eltz! Da wollte ich schon immer mal hin.



    1000 looks !! Amazing Frizz !


    • nearly 119,000 views, Kathryn – if you click on the photo – and many comments – there must be a reason for this great interest, I considered…
      fairytale castle, more than 100.000 views
      I would like to notice 119,000 views on the video, featuring me, playing in “my” castle:

      only 388 views – must be a bad music …


  4. still hobbling along here w/burro-speed internet.

    was unable to see the images, but i look forward to the day when i can – and i will be catching up on lots of your great music as well!

    heading to mississippi in mid september.. will be thinking of you as i amble up and down highway 61 and 1 thru ‘the delta.’

    via email reply, z

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Reblogged this on The Vibrant Channeled Creator and commented:
    Enjoy the echo of FrizzText’s guitar


  6. !00,000 views is amazing but it is a brilliant shot! Thank you for the superb slide show, it felt like being there and the Bach is a perfect choice.


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