Methods to escape

Sometimes we have to escape from somewhere. The situations, countries, times are different, but I’m sure, all of us know the feelings, the search for the right method etc. Actually are so many refugees on the road. Mostly they do not have a balloon, they would be happy, to have a donkey at least.
photo by Jacurek, sent to my group BLOG IT, click on the picture to enter his galleries on flickr!

I’m not courageous: when I had to leave somewhere, I always made it suddenly, with a taxi, when the house was empty, booking a flight, no matter what costs: safety first. I lost for example 4,000 $ leaving the house on the island Ruegen, where my mother made suicide, her aggressive, alcohol addicted husband slept with rifle under his bed, saying, he wouldn’t allow me to leave. All doors closed. My personal prison. I payed the 4,000 $ using some lawyers to keep my step-father on distance…
Escape, 1989/Nov/9
I told the lawyers, I felt like being thrown out of a helicopter (the Stasi did so with critics, military in Argentine too). Step-father didn’t understand that metaphor but was very angry nevertheless, searching for revenge. I had to cut off his legs using the lawyers. It worked and demolished his energy.
"The Life Of Others"

Many people left East Germany when the wall, the “iron curtain” divided Germany in two parts. Many lost their lives trying to climb over the wall. Others used sailships, surfboards, tunnels, even self made balloons. We are proud in Germany, that we managed to destroy the wall avoiding any military escalation.
my guitar always gave me the energy to resist:

illegal immigration from Africa to Europe:

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16 responses to “Methods to escape

  1. What to say after that :s…..
    As I said in a recent post, Courage is not always where we are looking at


  2. My Tropical Home

    Very tragic that, and painful, I would imagine. It really makes you wonder why people do the things they do. I do hope, though, that you have a good weekend. Warm greetings from a now-sunny-and-windy Philippines 🙂


  3. A very thought-provoking post, Frizz. My heart goes out to all refugees, worldwide. Thanks for the most appropriate song. Have a great weekend. 🙂


  4. A heartbreaking but on the other hand heart warming story! You were courageous to leave, to see that you had to leave and to make sure you were safe. That demands personal strength. Being brave is not like being a muscle pumped gun waving hero. It is about what people do in their lives following their hearts. Glad I inspired you with that simple photo of people carving in the wall in november 1989. I was happy to be there at precise that moment. I wondered what happened to your mother, but now I know. Sad to read that.
    And about being courageous: swimming in a lake, making art, writing a blog, taking great pictures, playing guitar, asks courage as well. A courage much finer but still the same: knowing what you want to express what is in your heart to others and taking the steps to do that. Regardless of what others may think? You are a courageous man Fritz.


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  6. What a story Frizz, I’m sure your stepfather got his comeuppance.


  7. Courage. Il vient du coeur – if my French is correct. You have overcome and you are living a shining life. And thank God for the blues and jazz music.


  8. You have come through so many challenges that might have broken you, but here you are, on the other side of those hard times. Like the wall, which I remember, you managed to improve a bad situation without resorting to violence. It WAS a courageous act, no matter how quickly you left and no matter under what cover. You continue being courageous by living day to day and putting your music out there. Take care!


  9. I was just in Berlin and visited Checkpoint Charlie. Yes, it is something of a miracle that the wall came down, and without further violence. The Germans have done an excellent job reuniting East and West. Thank you for sharing your story.


  10. What a terrible situation, Frizz. Not all people are meat to be a parent, unfortunately in general people take for granted that they have to fullfill the generalized patterns of society: getting married, have children… so they do it even if they don’t have the capability of being responsible or even have good sentiments for other humans beings, and the results are awful situations. I’m so glad you have the courage to escape, Frizz, because not all people can make it.
    Kind greetings,

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    • “getting married, have children… so they do it even if they don’t have the capability of being responsible or even have good sentiments for other humans beings, and the results are awful situations…”


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