About Sarah – a dog

Our dog’s species was “Old English Sheep Dog” / Bobtail – we’ll never forget him, Sarah was his name – we had so many funny experiences with him: 1) running through snow pulling sledges, 2) swimming in the North Sea, salty water bad for hairs, 3) finding the right path back home in the night in a pathless forest, 4) running through a wedding in a chapel, dividing tough the fresh couple, 5) stealing our neighbor’s hat or slippers, 6) stealing the ball from a football field during an important match – we had often some big trouble – but back home we always had to laugh!
title=”Sarah” – photo by Rosmarie Wirz, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT! Click on the picture to enter Rosmarie’s photo stream on flickr.


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7 responses to “About Sarah – a dog

  1. I would have to give Sarah a hug and laugh at his antics too!… but, I always thought Sarah was a girls name???


    • I thought that too, it wasn’t me, who gave this name: another man was his owner before, but he suddenly died by heart struck. We found the dog in an orphanage for animals. Maybe his (her, Sarah’s) owner was a football / soccer player? Taught him to push the ball? I’m not interested in sports and ignored usually the soccer players on the football field nearby. So I was verrry surprised as our dog started to turn the game upside down, leading the ball to south and north, both teams had no chance to get the ball, he made a third party. Fast, leading the ball with his nose. We never played ball with him before. He was typical British I believe, an alien, stranded in a strange country.


  2. Ahh Sarah sounds like a wonderful dog!


  3. Thanks so much Dietmar, it is always so very interesting to read your comments!


  4. Thanks so much, Dietmar, for your kind and encouraging words. Who knows, maybe one day I shall come and visit you and your wife in your exceptional home. But, not with Sunny, he is a real “Landei” and absolutely impossible if taken out of his rural surroundings. As to my traveling, do not forget that my pics have been taken over a number of years and now, not working any more, I take my freedom!


    • dear Rosmarie, I suppose, your dog Sunny the Land-Ei is very happy that you usually stay home, ignoring the other continents. Just as my cat: after retiring I prefer not to leave my armchair, only my wife sometimes takes a plane or train. The only problem which I have: it’s not comfortable to write on my notebook during my cat is climbing on me. A dog sits bravely on the floor if you say SIT! No chance to teach my cat. But she manipulates me to roll my armchair (with four little wheels) into the sunbeam. Sometimes we learn from animals. As my favorite writer G.C. Lichtenberg wrote (1742-1799): If we made a wiser list of ranking than Charles Darwin, some humans would be far behind the cats, even below some donkeys and hunting dogs…


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