Lake Crossing

Once my girl friend and me were very careless. We swam at night through a lake trying to reach the other side. The line was too long and she nearly drowned. I thank Chris Breebaart: he sent me a photo of this lake.

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13 responses to “Lake Crossing

  1. Thank you, Danke, bedankt!


    • The steamer in the photo came directly into my heart: He was on his last trip, we were always waiting for that last turn, then we got into the water (forbidden), to which the darkness of the night fell, and quietly swam across the lake.
      Your steamboat and lake impressions opened our memory boxes – and started some interesting questions (and answers) – your photos look like shot from an airplane, but I suppose you were standing on top of a hill? but so we have the “birds’ view” perspective – or as I say – GOD’s view, looking down on things – read my dialogue with Gilly / Lucid Gypsy below – and the term “ordeal” / God’s choice…
      thank you for inspiring me to those dialogues!


  2. Laura Bloomsbury

    and very interesting to read the related story/ies about your first failures – better call it fearless – too young to sense danger that’s all


  3. We think we are invincible in our youth don’t we?


    • I read in some psychological books to find some analysis about what we had done – and was shocked to find the term “ordeal” a kind of survival test, if GOD would decide to help us or would damn us to death. He decided to love us – we married (1965) and lived so many wonderful years after that test, got two daughters, four grandchildren – I don’t know if we had the horizon 1965 what risk we took… – thank you Gilly, for inspiring me to write this answer!


  4. Frizz, you were very bold, fortunately nothing happened to your girlfriend beyond the scare.
    Kind greetings,


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    hi Chris, I like, that “scratches, dust and stains are not removed”: so your aesthetic decision opens the door to a deeper level of feeling history hidden in a location. My parents lived down the little river Moehne. They told us, that after the bombing (by British Air Force) of the dam in WW II hundreds of female Russian war prisoners died: they were inside the closed houses when the big flood came. My personal history, that I nearly drowned together with my girl friend, is another nightmare point of view. But usually, during summer, it is (nowadays) an inspiring meeting point for many motor bikers! Thanks God (and Bob Dylan): “times are a-changing”.


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