Zimmer Frei

I was amused to read on a German bunker from Word War II written with irony on the wall: “ZIMMER FREI” (German = translated: “room for rent”). For sure the graffiti sprayer addressed this especially to German tourists. I found the same words on German bunkers in the Netherlands and France.
A German bunker from Word War II
photo by Lotte Lee Møller, Aarhus in Denmark, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT – click on the picture to enter her photo-stream on flickr!

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4 responses to “Zimmer Frei

  1. Zimmer ohne oder mit Frühstück?
    I was in Noordwijk this weekend and did meet some German tourists. But these lines used to be on every front garden on a sign in the seventies. But now even shop owners in Noordwijk do not speak German any more! Times go by ….


    • We hebben in Venlo geweest afgelopen zondag. We proberen te leren (vertalen) Nederlands: “Ik was in Noordwijk dit weekend en voldeed aan enkele Duitse toeristen Maar deze lijnen gebruikt worden op alle fronten tuin op een bord in de jaren zeventig maar nu zelfs winkeliers in Noordwijk niet spreken.. Duits niet meer! Times gaan … “

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