Wassily Kandinsky

Daily I have my meditation, staring at this painting by Wassily Kandinsky, title: “Das bunte Leben” (A Motley Life / C’est la vie) = love and war, joy and oppression, coming and escaping, making music, watching a cat, having a baby…
Prof. Luigi Frappi had the kind idea to construct a relationship between me and my favorite painting of Wassily Kandinsky
Wassily Kandinsky, title “Das bunte Leben”, 1907 – (130 x 162,5 cm)
frizztext: Kandinsky wanted to represent the archetypal experiences that makes each generation: war and peace, birth and death, grief and festive dance, proximity and distance, the power of a government and their architecture and the observing, fragile distance of the animals (cat and squirrel in this painting). Kandinsky did not believe in a life after death, but to a continuing Next-exist of these archetypal experiences in every human generation.
page 127ff:

Click to access Niemeyer-Wasserer_Natascha.pdf

Prof. Luigi Frappi, Italy, impressed by the intensive life in the painting of Wassily Kandinksky, added a dancers’ portrait once shot by my wife Barbara

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11 responses to “Wassily Kandinsky

  1. Yes, all of life in this extraordinarily vibrant work. A marvellous thing to think by, Frizz, and thanks for introducing me to this particular painting.


  2. vastlycurious.com

    I love the second, tell me please? Are they two separate paintings?


    • same painting, Luigi Frappi used a crop of the famous painting by Wassily Kandinsky, the topic of Kandinsky’s painting is based on the fairy-tale book illustrator Bilibin, he painted 1899 two illustrations for the Russian fairy-tale “Peryško Finista Jasna-Sokola” (The feather of Finist, the clear hawk)


  3. I love your painting Frizz. There is so much to see in it.


  4. A little busy for MY meditating…but, them I am not a musician…I see how you may become quite inspired…Love the photo of you with the painting!This would be great for a new look on your blog…


  5. This blog earned a Bean Pat as blog pick of the day. Check it out at: http://patbean.wordpress.com


    • hi Pat,
      I love EMIL NOLDE too and for some decades I tried to paint in his style.
      Nolde is expressionism, Kandinsky’s painting was the end of impressionism mixed with Russian symbolism…


  6. Greetings! The painting has the balance and harmony that his abstracts have. Did you see my review of the LA museum exhibit Van G to Kandinsky. It’s interesting the influence Van Gogh had on all the German expressionists.

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  7. coming from late impressionism Kandinsky at first composed the color points of this painting to have a good color balance, then he transformed the color spots to figures – as a tribute to Russian symbolism – the last of his work in this style, then he painted only abstract!!!


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