Malaysian plane downed in Ukraine

Terrorists in East Ukraine downed Malaysian plane (Amsterdam – Kuala Lumpur) with Russian anti-aircraft system – accident…

Malaysia Airlines, 9M-MRD, Boeing 777-2H6

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16 responses to “Malaysian plane downed in Ukraine

  1. Such terrible news Frizztext.


  2. A terrible tragedy. For once I just hope that it proves to be an electrical fault triggering a catastrophic fuel tank explosion because the potential global consequences of the other possibilities being suggested are too grim to contemplate 😦


    • it seems that the separatists believed, they had shot down a military plane from Kiev, first they posted happy on twitter, then, when they understood their failure, they deleted their triumphal messages


      • I heard that particular story but there are also other suggestions relating to where a missile was shot from – if it was a missile. And isn’t unknown for people to claim things they haven’t done on Twitter ;-(


  3. Where is everything going to end! Horrible event also the Gaza situation!


  4. I just heard it on the news this morning, only 10 minutes ago, such terrible, terrible news. and almost 300 people on board, it’s heartbreaking.
    First it was Flight MH370, now another Malaysian Airline – the implications are incomprehensible.


  5. 😦 This is just sad. Just a few weeks ago Putin was watching the world cup like any normal country leader. Now he has to say something about this tragedy and answer all the speculations


  6. We don’t know yet what happened.
    Remember that in 2001, Ukraine shot down a russian plane. In 1983, Russia shot down a Korean plane. In 1988, USA Shot down an Iranian plane…..And nobody made any excuses to the victims. That’s war, they say.
    We must remember who was making war in Ukraine and for what ? Gas and mines…. with the support of NATO on one side and Russia on the other side. The root cause is so far away from those 298 people going to visit Malaysia or going back to their country.

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  7. Niranjan

    Sad. This unfortunately adds a dimension to the flying experience — that one-off tiny city shining down at night may not be as serene as it appears from 33000 ft above.


  8. Friends, now you finally MUST understand that this Putin’s war is not only against Ukraine (he began it because he understood that his Empire of Evil started breaking down) but against whole the world. Putin is the reincarnation of Hitler. If the world doesn’t stop him NOW in a year, maximum 2 years his tanks will stay in your streets. You have to sacrifice small to save big. Those business interests do not stand freedom and peaceful life.


    • dear Andrey, we all hope in the Western world, that the rocket which shot down the Malaysian plane now will bring the change and the case will bring Putin under big political pressure to stop his activities vs. Ukraine.


  9. With all the commemoration of events 100 years ago, the summer of 1914 which lead to the Great War, WW!, not for the first time we ask ourselves how much progress have any of us made?


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