Israel vs. Gaza

Photo title=”The Priestly benediction” by David Mor, Jerusalem, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT! Click on the picture to enter the galleries of David Mor on flickr.
The Priestly benediction
Because there is a bad escalation between Gaza and Israel I’ve written a comment in the honorable blog of Shimon, Jerusalem: “Dear Shimon, at first thank you for answering in dignity with a comment, though we do not have the same opinion in every detail. Secondly: I understand, that it is necessary to strike back, if someone uses rockets etc. vs. my country: as long as not a single rocket crosses the border anymore. But you wrote, trying to understand me: “Now you may be a very good Christian who turns the other cheek when you’re attacked, but I don’t subscribe to that philosophy.” I’m not religious, but read some philosophers, for example Immanuel KANT, who wrote “A religion, which makes humans dark, is wrong…” – I would be happy, if you could understand, that the UN or the international press (misunderstood by you in your article) tries to find a way out off the everlasting crisis. What could help? To accept the “Two states solution”? At least to understand why some politicians in Israel are not feeling well if they are forced to support too orthodox positions?”

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6 responses to “Israel vs. Gaza

  1. Though you claim that I misunderstand the UNO and the international press, but I don’t agree to this claim. I believe I understand them quite well, their intentions, and also their motives, and even their cultural influences that lead them to a prejudiced view of the situation. You claim that the “Two states solution” would solve our problem. But I believe that you don’t understand the problem. All the same, I have to tell you that a large section of our population, and the prime minister of our government do support the two state solution, and have been trying to bring that about for some years now… in fact, since 1992. Unfortunately, the Palestinian leadership has continually failed to institute their commitments according to signed agreements, and that slows down the process. But if we look at previous examples of the same solution, such as the division of India into two states, India and Pakistan, we see that the establishment of a two state solution did not solve the problem. The antagonisms continued, and now the world trembles at the possibility that those two states might end up trying to solve their problems by dropping one or more atom bombs. I believe that we have to analyze the advice given us very carefully, weighing experience in the field. After an initial agreement which led to the establishment of a Palestinian Authority which was hoped to be a prelude to a Palestinian State, the Pals continued to teach hate and lies in the schoolroom, and though it was resolved and agreed that the two sides would work things out in discussions and not by the use of violence, terror activity continued to this day.

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    • dear Shimon, you wrote in a comment above: “if we look at previous examples of the same solution, such as the division of India into two states, India and Pakistan, we see that the establishment of a two state solution did not solve the problem. The antagonisms continued…” You believe, that history of mankind tells, that only a good war solves the problems? Maybe, for example the extinction of the evil German Nazi bestiality in WW II, I agree, the only solution 60 years ago. On the other hand to make the divided “two states”-Germany to one nation again without provoking a military escalation between East and West (1989) is an experience, that made me hope, that there are three levels of fighting vs. continuing antagonisms: 1) separate the population by a wall 2) make a war till everyone is healed from hate, ideology, wrong religious aims etc. 3) reach a level of education and a style of conversation and negotiations in dignity which cannot extinguish antagonism completely but at least can avoid violence of any kind as a method.


  2. Both are right and wrong….Yes somepeople tried to make a two state situation but extremist made it fail. Mahmoud Abbas or Shimon Peres are not very clear about what they want to do and as long as leaders are not clear, the situation will be bad. Look at Frizz and me…. He’s german and I’m french and maybe his grand father killed some of my family or the contrary during the 2 wars (even if the second WW is the consequency of the bad peace treaty after the first) we had (and if you look back to Napoleon era…..imagine). But just after the war, there were courageous leader to say STOP, let’s do something together.
    I’m looking for those leaders in Palestine and Israel to clearly make a community of state to build a new country, united as it was before, a long time ago. It’s not easy to ignore the past, the deaths. It’s not easy to fight extremists on both sides. And as long as Gaza will be under Hamas control and Israel under Netanyahu or Likoud infuence, It won’t be peace.


  3. ebrew79

    The idea that Benjamin Netanyahu wants a two state solution is ridiculous! A two state solution means ending the blockade in Gaza and allowing Palestinian refugees the opportunity to return home. This something the Israeli Government does not want to see.


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