Brazil-Germany 1:7

Brazil – Germany 1:7 FIFA soccer world cup 2014: sad situation for the team of Brazil: too much pressure in their souls all through the match, the whole nation watching them, putting all their hopes on their shoulders – that’s not sport anymore, that must have been a hell for them…
the 7 dwarves' cottage
I noticed, that the ministry of defense or even the parliament liked to use the flag, but was surprised by the development, forced by the FIFA events, that during soccer world cup also little country huts liked to present proudly the German flag, on my actual photo here a grandson, I believe, living jobless in grandma’s house… (sharing the same bed with the little seven dwarfs)

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13 responses to “Brazil-Germany 1:7

  1. It would have been kinder for them if they had gone out at the group stage – now the players will carry the scars of this humiliation for the rest of their careers and lives. Like the photo Frizz 🙂

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  2. A sad situation for Brazil but maybe a good one to watch the reality of life in Brazil, again ! And in the same time, people are dying in Palestine, because of politicians from both camps.

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    • It’s just good that this inflated bubble of demagoguery has burst and the futility of such a national hysteria is disclosed. Pity about the funds that were withdrawn the schools, the education, the urban improvement etc., and were swallowed up by the money circus of Blatter’s FIFA.

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  3. Laura Bloomsbury

    “play up, play up and play the game”. An old addage for times when there was honour in doing one’s best – now its all triumphalism and ego and money and out of proportion. Well done Frizz on not crowing!

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  4. Brazil lost the World Cup when they won against Colombia. They played dirty and thought they could do the same with Germany.

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    • but the referee (who hadn’t noticed the bite attack in a FIFA game before) had now other, sharper rules not to accept any fouls no more – so the team from Brazil lost their usual tools…


  5. I was also very shocked about the result… losing to the Germans may have not been so bad… but the margin was very humiliating… but I am sure that you must have enjoyed your home team winning 🙂

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    • … but it left me with a growing skepticism noticing the pressure, which the players are exposed to by the expectations of their audience, their officials, their government, which has invested so much money in such a national prestige project. In comparison, the Olympics do not touch the dignity of each athlete in such a heavy manner. The peer pressure in football, at least in South America, actually seems highly unacceptable. His valve function is also an aberration. Better you should politically and financially solve the existing economic and cultural problems. Therefore, the current operations shake me so much that I leave entirely my solace, the guitar music, as too unimportant.




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