About School Systems

About Education: When I look at the photo of the little bullfinch, it occurs to me that in the Third Reich in Nazi Germany in every class great information cards were hung on the songbirds locations in the German forest. About the arrogant, inhuman, million-like racist murder that was planned and should start soon, was never spoken in the German schools.
Über Pädagogik: Wenn ich mir das Foto vom kleinen Domspatz ansehe, fällt mir ein, dass im Dritten Reich in Deutschland in jeder Schulklasse große Informationskarten aufgehängt waren über die Singvögelsorten im deutschen Wald. Über das arrogante, menschenverachtende, millionenhafte rassistische Morden, das geplant war und bald losgehen sollte, wurde im deutschen Schulunterricht nie gesprochen.

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7 responses to “About School Systems

  1. vastlycurious.com

    I didn’t know that but it does not really surprise me.


  2. Deb

    Really interesting. Your title “about school systems” intrigued me as the last 12 months has been an eternal battle with the one our children are in.


  3. Lovely shot Frizz – whilst we must remember the past so it doesn’t happen again, we should grasp the positives of the now and your Bullfinch is one of those 🙂


  4. That’s a wonderful photo. You pointed out a terrible irony, which has me thinking. The beauty of the photo counterposes or highlights the shame.


    • I’m asking myself actually, what schools in GAZA are teaching… (and I’m wondering, if schools in ISRAEL are discussing strategies of de-escalation)…


      • Last I heard, elementary school textbooks in Gaza schools still feature maps without Israel in it, and still preach destruction. The Israeli schools are fine. It’s the politicians, “religious” leaders etc who preach violence and hatred.


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