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Every Tuesday, step by step, since 2011, I’m walking with my readers from A to Z, last week we had “Z”, so this week we’ll start with “A” again – I’m sure you’ll also find a story or a music title tagged with “A”: Africa, angel, Alaska, archery, armchair, athletic, apple, Amsterdam, America, accident, automobile, Amish, Australia: Feel free to add in the comments below the link to your personal interpretation of the letter “A”!!! Myself I’ll focus on AMSTERDAM:


When comparing cities, so there are beautiful, hope conferring towns, but also those from which one wishes to escape as soon as possible (do you dare to add YOUR examples?). Amsterdam is the city of my dreams, Arnsberg is the one, I am glad to have left, never coming back again. Too much at the local high school was left during my school days in the fifties by the evil spirit of the Third Reich. The state of mine still isn’t mine. But we had fine days on a houseboat in Amsterdam last year!
1) AMSTERDAM, photo by Ben Visbeek, click on the picture to enter his galleries on flickr
Let it snow in the Amsterdam
3) my wife and me, living on a houseboat in Amsterdam:
my A-photo gallery at flickr:
Africa, angel, Alaska, archery, armchair, athletic, apple, Amsterdam, America, accident, automobile, Amish, Australia:


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44 responses to “A words

  1. Thank-you so much for keeping up with this challenge. I’ll need to put my thinking cap on


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  3. Brilliant. Great song, beautiful view. They go so well together.
    Her is my canine A post: http://travelwithintent.com/2014/07/08/able-seaman-just-nuisance-simonstown/


    • a surprising story, Debbie! “…he stopped fights between men and assisted drunken sailors back to base. He even received a promotion from “Ordinary Seaman” to “Able Seaman”…”


  4. What great music you have given us this morning, Frizz. Love this new version of ‘I’m along tonight’, and as for the Alfonso tracks – what a treat. But I’m not ready with my A any more than I was ready with my Z. Must go think and have a cuppa tea.

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  7. Here’s my A, Frizz – me postered – A long time ago in Africa

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    • A = AFRICA what else; thanks again, Tish, for your great storytelling! “At dusk, the frogs in the Nairobi River way below our house would strike up frog songs that resounded across the valley…” me, searching for your memories about music in Africa…


  8. Fats Suela

    Hello Frizz! I just got home from work. Hope I’m not too late for the A-party! I have clouds and skies for my contribution today: A is for Alluring. =)


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  11. I visited Amsterdam for a day and I was taken in by its quaint beauty. I hope that I am able to visit it again one day.
    This week I take you to the opposite side of the world – Swaziland 🙂

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  13. Laura Bloomsburyl

    apologies for lateness with my A’s – focusing on words this time round – can’t compete with your pictures! Afloat in Amsterdam looks amazing

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    • “In the A-Z words challenge I’m advocating aphorisms, scripted in an assortment of fonts to match the alphabet…” – that’s a wonderful new concept, very appreciated, Laura! P.S.: thanks for your comment to my reflections about Brazil-Germany 1:7


    • I’m very glad, AP, that you put your focus now on my A to Z challenge every Tuesday – for sure you have a lot to tell – if sometimes too much work: I’ve scheduled forward always some posts (actually B C D E F G) your DF


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  16. Hello Frizz! I’m ready for the A to Z challenge. My first entry is A for Argentina
    Kind greetings,

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    • hi Marianne, you’ve posted wonderful articles featuring ARGENTINA! My daughter, an architect, once visited Argentina and was excited about the self made houses in Ushuaia and elsewhere…
      on Sunday, July 13th, the soccer team from Argentina meets the team from Germany to do the finale…
      My fingers learned to pick the national anthem of Germany on my acoustic guitar:

      but Messi could become man of the match, who knows…


      • Excellent fingerstyle solo technique, Frizz. I never heard before the national anthem of Germany, so thanks for sharing. I wish you a well soccer play at the finale.
        Kind greetings,


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  21. I’m a little late to the party…but, I’m in attendance. Thank you.



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