Bullfinch in front of my window. As a guitarist, I am often jealous with what a self-confidence these little guys put the weight of their whole existence into one little tune.
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11 responses to “Bullfinch

  1. I love bullfinches, and they are now quite a rare sight in our gardens. Lovely photo, Frizz.


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  3. Oh, he is soooo pretty!


  4. such a pretty bird…and finally today I was not blocked to your music…have not been able to listen for awhile…whatever happened …I’m glad your back!


  5. A beautiful shot of this little bird.


  6. Laura Bloomsbury

    and so much goes into that costume – evidently a brilliant capture Frizz!


  7. What a pretty shot, Frizz! I’m just whizzing through my Reader but his tweeting caught my attention 🙂 Hope all’s good in your world?


    • thanks for the question, Jo, I’m a field to explore for doctors now, aged nearly 70, so I can’t continue blogging daily, but weekly I hope can be organized (with some scheduled posts for the A to Z challenges on Tuesdays)


  8. I’ve been listening to a blackbird today, such a wonderful song!


  9. sehr schöne Aufnahme


  10. Yes, many birds just put it all out there wholeheartedly, don’t they? But there are also some who sing softly…


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