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Tuesday’s A to Z challenge: “X”


Event Type: General Blogging

Start Date: Tuesdays, recurring weekly

Description: Every Tuesday I offer the “A to Z challenge”, walking step by step through the alphabet.
Last week we had the “tagged W”-challenge, so this week we’ll create a new turn with “X” – I’m sure you’ll also find a photo, a story or a music title tagged with “X”! Feel free to add in the comments below the link to your personal interpretation of the letter “X”!!! Myself I’ll focus on “Xeric Tan”:

Xeric Tan

I have to thank Myra & Fats Suela for participating so constantly on my A to Z challenges for a long time. Last X-turn Fats Suela introduced the young violinist Xeric:

my flickr X-galleries:

ma-4101 Complexity

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writer, photographer, guitarist

43 responses to “Tagged X

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  2. Hi there Frizz! I have x-otic trinkets from Boracay up on GatheringBooks today. Here’s the link:

    Thank YOU for being such a wonderful weekly host for the a-z photo story challenge which we do enjoy greatly. It was actually Fats who shared Xeric a year ago – that was pretty unique, I thought. X is a difficult letter!


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  4. The X-photo gallery is great, Frizz. I’m about to cheat a bit on my entry…


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  6. And here it is – an e-Xtract from my e-Book – Losing Kui: http://wp.me/pKVAM-KA
    Hoping everyone will enjoy the excerpt.


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  8. What talent…but, the audience was so rude!…talking and moving throughout!…


  9. I made a song and video for your Tagged X, with the X Factor Xeno Puss. I hope you like it.


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  12. Hope you’re having a wonderful week, Frizz.
    I enjoyed listening to the violin playing.
    It is eXcellent.
    Here is my entry –


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  14. X is a bit of a problem, trying to find something to fit in with my theme of architecture, but here goes: http://wp.me/pL5Ms-1p2
    Jude xx


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  17. Well, for the first time in A to Z responding, I had a bit of a panic on!! But thinking saved the day: http://suejudd.com/2014/06/18/frizztexts-a-to-z-challenge-x-is-for-x-crossing-oxford-circus-london/


  18. hi Lynne,
    my favorite writer Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742-1799) once wrote: “Sometimes it’s better to watch the world with distance than via a magnifying Zoom glass” – the same thing, when troubles are overwhelming us…


  19. Hey FT, hope you like this not so well known contribution about a UK punk band. http://wp.me/p1NUPI-ki


    • …the damage chemicals and plastics were doing
      and also … screamed about “Identity”

      still important topics 40 years later!
      a pity, that political song lyrics
      do not have more power!


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  22. Let me eXpand on the entries – please have a look at


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  24. I’ve been MIA for a quite awhile and see have missed out on a brilliant prompt. What a brilliant idea!


  25. Here’s my “X”


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