Cats killed by raccoon

Participating on my Tuesday’s A to Z story telling challenge ISADORA (US) wrote about W = wildlife: her two little cats were killed by a Florida raccoon.
I replied to her:
…and if there is a rainbow bridge for that bad raccoon too, I hope he’ll change his behavior on the other side: raccoon behavior [“I googled for information. They do eat snakes and small animals including cats. Their signature killing is to leave the bodies in pieces and without their bottom half of the bodies. It is gruesome…”]
congrats, Isadora, to your little cats: they had contact with human beings like you before the raccoon saw them. Your writing is the best tribute to a cat live I’ve ever read! So good, that the wound in my heart (I was adopted too, but mistreated then for decades) jumped into my brain again. And I grabbed my guitar singing the lyrics I always sing, when I realize there will be a rainbow bridge for all of us one day:
alone with my cat:

jam session with human beings, same song:

I have to thank jmrukkers (Hammond) and cschlote (saxophone) for supporting my Sunday’s Gospel Service – more at

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6 responses to “Cats killed by raccoon

  1. I was so sad to hear about her angels… I know how much she loved them.
    Thank you for such a heartfelt post, Frizz.
    Here’s to beautiful rainbows!


  2. A v. evocative story which reminded me of losing our rabbit to a savage neighbour’s dog. Horrible. But I liked the song very much FT, for the music but also for the kindness to the dying neighbour.



    Oh those poor kitties! ( nice song however Frizz)


  4. narhvalur

    Always extremely sad to lose your companion / Family members!


  5. Thank you so much, Frizz for this wonderful song. It’s comforting to know
    that everyone is trying to heal my pain. There are no words to describe the
    loss. They were truly our fur children. It’s difficult to undo the routines such
    as feeding and petting. Their companionship is being looked for all day.
    This healing song has been helpful and one that eases some of our sorrow.
    Blessings to you ..


  6. Oh dear, poor Isadora . . . . and how kind of you Frizz.


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