Little Egret’s Dance

Maria Rego made a wonderful portrait of a dancing little egret and so I composed on my Spanish guitar a soundtrack for him – link to the photo:
Garça-branca (Egretta garzetta ) Little Egret
click on the picture to enter Maria Rego’s galleries on flickr


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writer, photographer, guitarist

7 responses to “Little Egret’s Dance

  1. What a superb shot and your music gives it such a delightful bounce!


  2. This wonderful shot is accompanied by a wonderful music!


  3. Fabulous photo but the track has disappeared!


  4. Such a dainty piece of footwork (and fingerwork too, Frizz 🙂 ) Beautiful!


  5. What style: you and the egret both 🙂


  6. Maria Oswalda Rego

    I love it, thanks!!!


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