Police & Politics

Flaubert: “One does not dance today any more; one marches or winds himself.” Eduardo Pavez, theatre director and writer, screenwriter for TV and film from Santiago / Chile, shot an interesting photo featuring marching police and a calm woman sitting in the middle of a street.
the wait
title=”the wait” – photo by Eduardo Pavez, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr.com
In Europe, South America, China etc. more and more police acts (where discussion should be in the focus). Dialogues with words should develop our societies, not violence…

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7 responses to “Police & Politics

  1. Those marching footsteps look so forbidding Frizz, such a contrast to the lightness of dancing feet.


    • dear Patti, even in New York you could sometimes watch violence vs. protesters (occupy Wall St. movement) and photographers – thank you for your documents in your blog – for myself I’m near to retire from photography and blog-writing, hiding in my soundcloud…


      • Frizz, thank you so much for all your wonderful support but I am sad to think you are near to retiring from Frizztext . . . . Will always look forward to hearing from your sound cloud and all best wishes to you dear Frizz!


      • When things start to become a job, it’s time to make a change – SoundCloud will be just as responsive!


        • thanks ideflex, for giving courage, at least I will stop to participate on the Friday’s photo challenge; I’m not quite sure, if I should continue to offer the A to Z challenge every Tuesday again, when Z is done; another A again? Of course the best would be, you would write some lyrics – or at least some comments – for my soundcloud


          • I would enjoy that! I am trying to compile my A-Zs into “types” for I’ve noticed that they fall into different stylistic genres: will have to go back and fill in where letters are missing. I love this challenge because it forces me to think so I would probably continue it on my own anyways – it is a lot of work for you though… I can understand your trying to streamline your work/life flow!


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