For The Coal Miners In Turkey

Dedicated to the poor coal miners in Turkey; it’s not an easy job, especially if the administration don’t care enough about the safety of the workers; 1947 Merle Travis put the focus on their job with his ballad “Sixteen Tons”; in Turkey, China and South America the conditions are still bad. Here my simple guitar tribute to the latest coal miners’ tragedy.

There is a right to ask who is responsible for the death of 300 coal miners. And it is not O.K. that the police acts without respect and with violence vs. the people who demonstrate on the streets. Recently human rights watch organisations criticized that the police in Spain, Italy and Turkey is far away from being correct during demonstrations.
1) Mine disaster in Soma, teargas vs. protesters:
2) the social background in USA was very bad in the thirties:
3) situation in Turkey under PM Erdogan (who sometimes blocks twitter and facebook):

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13 responses to “For The Coal Miners In Turkey

  1. It is a tragic and sad event in our all miner history, and never happened before like that… And everyday it hits deeply more and more… The reality of this coal mine company and who let them to work like that are responsible… But everything they hold in their hands… Democracy is especially for these days but who cares… and who resigns…. no one! Journalists ask do you going to resign, none of them say yes, oppositely they say WHY!!!!!! This is not an accident. This is clear but we also know, the real guilty people will not be the address for this!!!!! Investigation and law, and court, etc. they are all government, I mean the people of our PM!!!! But one day in the future history will write them all… I know it will be too late… I am so sad… so sad… and they still use gas againsts the protestors… Thank you dear Frizz, love, nia


  2. I love your posts…brings us up and close to world situations …along with great music!


  3. A beautiful dedication Frizz to the people who help bring warmth to our homes. They deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.


  4. Another tragedy, so many lives lost and families broken.


  5. Good post Frizz – I was unimpressed with the words of the Turkish President. These people don’t care about the normal working person!


  6. Allan G. Smorra

    Thanks for this post, Frizz. I once worked underground in an Oil Shale mine for 10 months and my heart goes out to the families in Turkey. I had a knot in my stomach every day from the moment I got up to when I returned home from work for the day. This is a horrible, horrible accident—I hope that an important lesson is learned as a result of the investigation.


  7. A tragedy we can’t see now in France, because there’s no Mines anymore. But there are also poor workers in nuclear plant, not well paid for the risk and the lask of training thay have. I know the background of that life. That’s our new coalmines, in France, at least for 20 more years 😦


  8. I appreciate the way you always speak up for those without power.


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