My Hesitation Blues Cat

I watched my cat trying to kill my goldfishes and I noticed, she had the hesitation blues: whether to dive into the fishtank or not…

compare another version, made together with the blues harp player Gernot (and me with the trad. lyrics by Rev. Gary Davis):

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writer, photographer, guitarist

6 responses to “My Hesitation Blues Cat

  1. It is always interesting to watch cats fishing – it is as though they are weighing their options, pondering whether it is worth getting a soaking for the prize!


  2. I hope your fish survived!


    • every night it happened and every morning I counted -1 till the fishtank was empty; now water plants are growing inside very well – and my cat has lost her interest, but now she is sitting in the garden making the stare down challenge with the birds…


  3. No fish for our cats. They prefer our food


  4. narhvalur

    LOL! Naughty cat!!!


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