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Tuesday’s A to Z challenge: “R”


Event Type: General Blogging

Start Date: Tuesdays, recurring weekly

Description: Every Tuesday I offer the “A to Z challenge”, walking step by step through the alphabet.
Last week we had the “tagged Q”-challenge, so this week we’ll create a new turn with “R” – I’m sure you’ll also find a photo, a story or a music title tagged with “R”! Feel free to add in the comments below the link to your personal interpretation of the letter “R”!!! Myself I’ll focus on the “riverside”:


let me play for you “DOWN BY THE RIVERSIDE” – jmrukkers kindly added the vocals to my guitar:

related: my “R” gallery on flickr!

Rita Crane Photography: Pelicans Along the Headlands, Mendocino

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55 responses to “Tagged “R”

  1. Thank you for another great challenge. ‘R’ is for a rainy day in Paris! http://naomibaltuck.wordpress.com/2013/10/01/bumbershots/


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  3. Well, I thought I would get in early, but not the first, I see! Here’s mine: http://suejudd.com/2014/05/06/frizztexts-a-to-z-challenge-r-is-for-rhuddlan/


    • hi Sue,
      “R could be for Rievaulx, Rothenburg, Rye, Reims-Geux, Rhuddlan, Regensburg, Riquewihr…” – congrats! I only visited Rothenburg and Rome and Regensburg:
      Down by the riverside - Donau


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  6. Fats Suela

    I think that background would go well with my post today! I have “ravenous” for my R photo story. Have a wonderful week, Frizz! =)



    • thanks, this word is new for me!
      RAVENOUS =
      starved, famished, ravenous, emaciated
      ravenous, voracious
      enormous, huge, powerful, tremendous, vast, ravenous


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  8. A fun start to the day – thanks Frizz. I’ve got a crafty post for today: http://travelwithintent.com/2014/05/06/r-is-for-rubber-stamps/


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  10. To your joyous music Frizz, I add my joyous allotmenting: http://wp.me/pKVAM-GN


  11. This is nothing to do with ‘R’ Frizz, except my next door neighbour’s name is Roger, and I see you liked his homemade banjo @ Maverick09. He’s struggling a bit with his blog, but makes the most fantastic instruments. It was lovely to find you there. Also a bit weird, in a wheels within wheels way.


  12. I so enjoyed this upbeat version, Frizz. 🙂


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  14. A lovely tune to start the day with 🙂
    This week I have a Reggae memory 🙂


    • hi Colline,
      thanks for your interesting words about the political background, new for me!
      “There was one song, however, that was not played over the airwaves in South Africa because of its lyrical content: Give me hope Joanna. The song refers to the Apartheid regime that was in place at that time in South Africa (Joanna being a reference to Johannesburg).”


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  20. Hey Frizz!
    Here is my contribution…
    “R” for “Romantic …”


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  24. Love that cheery tune playing in the background as I write this Frizz. Here is my favourite flower.


  25. Bits to Banjos

    R is for re-purposing. Take something from the rubbish pile and give it another lease of life. Save one empty jar from the recycle bin , wash it and place it with your glass tumblers. Drink from it with pride at your next dinner party. Make a stand. Revolt.


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  28. Why didn’t I think of that. I just posted a photo of the Chicago River the other day. But here is mine now: http://nagpanaoan.com/2014/05/09/atoz-challenge-tagged-r-rain/


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  30. And once again just for good measure – please have a look at


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