My New Guitar

I bought a new guitar: with nylon strings, to have a softer, warmer sound than produced by steel strings. With a wrong recording filter steel strings sound like broken glass shaken in a metal bucket. Now I’m learning how to use an equalizer (audacity) to have a good warm sound. Not too much bass, not too much treble, I hope you like the first step of my results…

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17 responses to “My New Guitar

  1. Glass in a tin bucket describes jarring, unsubtle rather well! 😦


  2. I loved it, Good Luck dear Frizz with your new guitar, Thanks and Love, nia


  3. Beautiful! I love the sound…


  4. mellow
    Jello of my soul!
    Jeanne Poland


  5. Pleasing to the ear!


  6. I have an old small guitar with nylon strings , my father played on this guitar in his youth and so she is about 80 years now. She had a crash over the years but i could repair the läsions. She has a wonderful warm sound but she is very sensible and so she is more decoration on the wall . I am only a weak player and so i cannot give you an example like dietmar.
    I wish you much fun with this new guitar. In my opinion she is more pleasant to play because the tension of the strings seems to be lower as by steel strings and the nylon strings are better for my fingertips


    • yes, Wolfgang, the tension of nylon strings are lower than of steel strings, it’s easier to play fast than on a Western acoustic with thick steel strings. Also easy: thin steel strings of an e-guitar – but I have a passion for the natural sound without any electric mystery – though your cigar box guitars a little wonder boxes for sure!


  7. solid cedar top,
    back & sides cypresse


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