Hat Parade

once I heard a composition by Woody Mann, I believe the title was “HAT PARADE” – I tried to remember the little finger-twister and like to play a version in E major on my several guitars…

enjoy some HAT-photos, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT; click on the pictures to enter the flickr galleries of the several photographers:
1) title=”Cowgirl” by Linda Hale
2) Luigi Frappi’s very fast hat-parade

3) title=”Tea Cozy” by Fred Roessler
Tea Cozy.
I have to add a self-portrait in Rembrandt style with kitchen noodle bowl – inspired by Patti Kuche in New York, featuring the mad hat parade on Easter Sunday:
tribute to Rembrandt, 1650
Frappi & Frizzi: a tribute to Rembrandt
Oh I found that original composition by Woody Mann on YouTube – played so extraordinary on a resonator guitar:

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5 responses to “Hat Parade

  1. What a fun swing into spring with this warm rhythm, love that tea cozy pose!


  2. Excellent, especially Frappi’s fast hats!


  3. So funny (and reassuring) to know that we are not the only ones who have tea-cozy portraits…


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