Clash Of Cultures – Loris Rizzi

“I wonder if one day (finally and without violence) they really will be able to talk to each other sharing what they can convey deeper?” – Loris Rizzi on featured his composition with the title “Can we talk?”. He comments (I tried to translate): “The photo was taken in one of the rooms of the Gallery of Modern Art in Milan, Via Palestro. The statue in the foreground, inspired by the work of Casanova, is the Venus of Pompeo Marchesi… The image of the woman in a burqa instead is the work of an anonymous photographer… The two women (like their cultures), they look but do not speak. I wonder if one day (finally and without violence) they really will be able to talk to each other sharing what they can convey deeper?”
Can we talk? (Riusciremo a comunicare?)
photo by LORIS RIZZI, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on
original comment of the photographer LORIS RIZZI:
Riusciremo a comunicare?
La foto è stata scattata in una delle sale della Galleria d’arte moderna di Milano, in via Palestro.
La statua in primo piano, ispirata ai lavori di Casanova, è la Venere di Pompeo Marchesi e per me ben rappresenta l’idea dell’arte classica e occidentale.
L’immagine della donna in burqa invece è opera di un fotografo anonimo, che ho voluto inserire al posto di un quadro ottocentesco presente nella sala. Le due donne (come le loro culture) si guardano ma non si parlano. Mi chiedo se un giorno (finalmente e senza violenza) riusciranno davvero a parlarsi per condividere quello che di più profondo possono trasmettere?

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12 responses to “Clash Of Cultures – Loris Rizzi

  1. The photo speaks a lot!


  2. Yes, the photo talks… Thank you dear Frizz, love, nia


  3. East is East and West is West and twain the two shall meet,” said Kipling, That is not exactly true anymore. There is more movement around the globe, travelling across borders, communicating in a nationless cyberspace than ever before. No one has to lose their culture either. Peace and respect between peoples shouldn’t be so difficult. In fact it’s easy.


  4. Hopefully one day it will happen… But it is still a long way to go!


  5. what a powerful photo, if only they could speak indeed.


  6. Whoa! That gives me much food for thought. Great photo!


  7. I love the juxtaposition of these two objects. Very powerful.


  8. Great image! I love finding juxtapositions…


  9. Dialog for peace so important…. powerful photo.


  10. An absolutely wonderful shot and so upsetting on so many levels. It almost seems to me that Venus is the one in hiding, being seen and judged from the sight of the unseen. Which of course I know is not the case. It’s not the women committing the violence.


  11. Is there really such a huge difference in the basic ideologies of women? I’m not so sure anymore – it seems to me that no matter where you go most women want very simple things and their concerns are the same: a roof over their heads with a decent meal and clean drinking water, a safe world in which their kids can get a decent education, some sort of income… all the rest is just icing on the cake… When men become primary caregivers the story changes – maybe that’s what is really needed…


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