Gypsies Under Pressure

The European parliament in Brussels criticized some member states, that the Sinti and Roma people are not treated fair enough. That’s the reason why I like to play Gypsy music on my Gitane guitar – to give a sign of acceptance…


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14 responses to “Gypsies Under Pressure

  1. Like it of course. When I was a kid I remember seeing the great and tres grande Sophie Tucker waddle out to the stage to sing this one. It was always a knockout – as is this version.

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  2. of course nothing loaded – it’s now ten in the morning, so internet has slowed to a snail’s pace.   usually via email comment, i have a little more success…

    sometimes when reading posts, we connect a few dots!

    thanks both of you for putting your spotlight on the roma…



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  3. Two weeks ago, I saw plenty of Roma, including families with children, sleeping out in the open on the streets of Paris. At Notre Dame, cops were chasing two women gypsies suspected of stealing from tourists.

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  4. Thanks so much for sharing the link to my blog, and for the delightful music! I love the sound of that “gypsy guitar.” My Dad was a big fan of Django Reinhardt.


    • I feel honored that I inspired you to remember your Dad. Django R. played in France, when there was more tolerance (in France, not in Germany); nowadays it seems it’s mirrored to the contrary. Germany is calm, France more and more aggressive… – it seems, sometimes it is possible to learn …

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      • Fabulous! Yes, when I started reading about it I realized that France has taken a much more aggressive stance against the Romas and continues to do so. The reverse of what it used to be… Very hard to understand these things.


  5. A fine and rousing tribute, Frizz.

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  6. Thanks for sharing this link, Frizz. How sad to hear about this. I actually bought a book about gypsies while I was in Budapest. I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet – but I do feel an affinity towards gypsies – must be the wanderer in me, and the feeling of being an outsider most of the time. 🙂


    • thanks for expressing my own state of mind too: “…but I do feel an affinity towards gypsies – must be the wanderer in me, and the feeling of being an outsider most of the time…”


  7. In France, we have less roma than in Germany and some politics are using the subject to keep power….Our new prime minister, for example! And imagine than in Lebanon, 1/4 of the population are refugees, from Syria and Palestine.


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  9. So you have probably heard of the famous now diseased gypsy Spanish singer Lola Flores. Everybody loved her here in Spain.

    Nice playing with your Gitane guitar.


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