I can see clearly now

I asked my readers, which self portrait of series, done by my wife, would fit well for a music page header. I can see clearly now: Thanks for voting! (And thanks to Captain Kitty for posing)

About frizztext

writer, photographer, guitarist

6 responses to “I can see clearly now

  1. I love that shot. Nice pick.


  2. Laura Bloomsbury

    a thoughtful musician – good choice and the inclusion of Captain cat is your trademark . p.s. no cat guts were used in the making of your music – apparently its short for cattle gut and not kitty.


    • yes dear Laura, I’m constructing (with banjo, boat and cat) a musician’s trademark, brand, =? mark, hallmark, stamp, make, tag, marker, variety, sort, type, kind, grade – trying to find something, that expresses my soul, my passion, my longing …


  3. I’m so happy you chose that photo! 🙂


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