Objects became companions

How often we went into a shop and happily bought something. Some objects are still around us daily, others are gone. Which objects are still by YOUR side?
related: the blog of Laura Bloomsbury
her blog is inspiring, because I often feel a kind of melancholy there – which gives space for reflection and produces energy to create a new thought…

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6 responses to “Objects became companions

  1. 2812 photography

    I’ve had this one for over two decades …


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  3. Laura Bloomsbury

    – thank you for the mention – you inspired my melancholy


  4. As I look around…..an old shelving unit that I bought at Ikea in the mid 80s is still hanging in there and very useful! I have an old painting that my uncle created in the early 60s that I’m quite fond of. I’m sure there are other things but those are the two that leap to mind right this moment. Enjoy your day!!


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