new guitar in my armchair

Yesterday I dared to buy a new guitar, electric: saying goodbye to my old fashioned acoustic guitars. 30 years ago I had a typewriter on my knees, not a laptop. 20 years ago I had a film in my camera, no digital chips in use. Of course also guitarists changed their instruments, curious to play on a new generation of instruments. 100 years ago, horses carried – O.K. we all know automobiles, mobile phones – try an e-guitar too – it’s fun! Below you can listen to me, playing on my new guitar, a semi acoustic VINTAGE AV3 by Trev Wilkinson; the YouTube video features the same guitar (but a better guitarist)

trying to learn, how to embed a wordpress audio playlist:

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8 responses to “new guitar in my armchair

  1. I can imagine how happy you must be!!!!! May every note you play on your new guitar be golden!!! πŸ™‚


  2. Yes, good for you, I look forward to hearing more from the beautiful beast!


  3. Laura Bloomsbury

    you’ve opened up your musical you, over the last few months – been great listening and hope the new guitar brings inspiration


  4. Allan G. Smorra

    Pretty soon you will have a camera that also makes phone calls!

    All kidding aside, Frizz, congratulations on this new phase of music. You are experiencing what Dylan did back in the ’60s when he went Electric.


    • you made me smile, Allan,
      with your SanfrnSISco story –
      – that’s the question,
      to blow the horn
      – or not.


  5. That’s not a guitar but an amazing work of art. It’s beautiful.


  6. Congratulations – I know you’re having fun and I’m glad! (It’s gorgeous!)


  7. Congratulations – sounds great – this opens up a whole new e-universe of music for you!


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