A Face Is A Landscape

A face is a landscape, telling truly the stories, which happened in human life. We can learn to read in faces, then we discover all the triumphs and losses, wishes and sorrows which occurred in a lifetime, in a certain society. Lauren from France for example makes great portraits:
click on the picture to enter his galleries on flickr; P.S.: kindly he is doing a great job as an administrator for the group 500×500, which I founded some years ago (more than 7,000 members now) – and so I have time for MY personal passion: music
My Guitar On Soundcloud
photos featuring me: composed with light by my wife Barbara (a professional portrait photographer) – a link to my music website:

two more examples of Lauren’s art to put focus on facial landscapes, I’ve chosen musicians:
I always tried to make portraits from musicians too, when I made records from them in my home studio:
1 + 2
in-discussionAndrey Shilov - Musician
3 + 4
waldemar-parraKai 2
guitarists: 1 = Gennadiy Pilch / 2 = Andrey Shilov / 3 = Waldemar Parra / 4 = Kai Heumann

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writer, photographer, guitarist

5 responses to “A Face Is A Landscape

  1. Marvellous, expressive images….


  2. Never thought of a face as a landscape, but you are so correct!


  3. I love how you have captured the musicians in unguarded moments…


  4. Stunning portrait work!


  5. And how exciting that every frame of the facial landscape will never be the same! A most touching gallery Frizz!


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