Women’s Day

Today, on International Women’s Day, as a father of two daughters, I want to mention that I’m sad that in some countries women are treated without respect. My two daughters, grown up, with children, yet have the ability to unfold professionally: one is a banker in Munich, the other doctorate architect in Berlin.

caring for the kids
photo above: my daughter, Dr. B.F., takes a break, singing for the kids…
The seemingly largest disregard vs. women maybe is currently in India, so once again my link to the women’s rights activist Rita Banerji in Calcutta:
flickrcomments: on India’s gendercide of women

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8 responses to “Women’s Day

  1. Beautiful photo of your daughter and children…what a lovely family you have…As the commercial use to say…”You’ve come a long way baby!”…outgrowing some bad situations from what I read in your blogs…to having what you have now…I applaud you!


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    Thank you!


  3. Great post and wonderful that you celebrate your daughters successes in life!


  4. I am always thankful to have been born in a society where women are given the option to choose their path. One can only hope that there will be a time when women all over the world will be able to do so.


  5. I’ve listened to part of Ms Banerji I’ll try to catch the rest later.


  6. You are proud dad of two daughter Dietmar, and it is so important you speak out on this as a father of daughters! Thank you always for your support to me and The 50 Million Missing. I’ve good news. The campaign was a finalist in the Katerva Awards which is called the Nobel for sustainability! Here’s the link http://genderbytes.wordpress.com/2014/03/08/vote-the-50millionmissin-campaign-for-the-katerva-peoples-choice-award/


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  8. I’m sorry, I Missed….I didn’t see that post in the RSS 😦 Wonderful picture, with great contrast.


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