Maybe My Last Time

my tribute to the Gospel of the Stapel Singers (1955), later (1965) the Rolling Stones performed a Rock version with this message – the lyrics were converted from religious to love story blues…

comment by a listener from Sweden on wikiloops: “I love it! That really sound like the old Jugbands of the 20s… Mississippi Sheiks, Whistler’s Jug band, Cannon’s Jug Stompers…”

This may be the last time – The Staple Singers

The Last Time – The Rolling Stones, London, 50th anniversary concert

Missisippi John Hurt on the same topic:
Do you remember me = Way beyond blue

more about the typical step by step upload working process at wikiloops:
– feel free to add your own talent and change my simple sound concept

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writer, photographer, guitarist

One response to “Maybe My Last Time

  1. A tremendous sound Frizz!!!


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