German Bird

Do you know the flag of Germany? Black, red, gold/yellow. I’m German, and so I was very amused to see this bird, with his German flag sticker. We do not have them here, we should beg some of them to immigrate!
Red-winged Blackbird
title=”Red-winged Blackbird”, Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, Concord, Massachusetts – photo by Ryan Schain, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on

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8 responses to “German Bird

  1. One way to fly the flag!


    • saw many cars here “drive the flag” especially if the national soccer team is playing – but of course to “FLY the flag” is much more extraordinary; now we need a bird in red white blue; our cat likes to SIT the flag:
      National Cat
      Red Cat Blue
      once saw a Belgian (or German?) bird too:
      Germany or Belgium, that's always the question!


  2. They are common here especially in areas along rivers and creeks.


  3. This is amazing post, 🙂 Thanks and Love, nia


  4. Clever, Frizz! I love red winged blackbirds…the marshes near where I live are full of them…


  5. Mirada

    What a lovely bird!


  6. I love it and what a good photo!


  7. That little bit of color makes him beautiful!…or her!


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