The Social Gap Anthem

In every big city of our world we can watch the growing social gap between the classes. Some nations do not even discuss the inequality, for example India, where the class system seems to be established by some Gods. Others have nearly no chance to change conditions: China, North Korea etc. – Visualizing the growing social gap: I like the political messages in the work of Patti, coming from UK to discover USA…
Stretched limousine in Detroit, photo by Patti, click on the picture to enter her flickr galleries or visit her blog at
Patti came from London and lives now in New York. Reading her latest article about Manhattan – I believe she has not forgotten her London impressions and the famous song by Ralph McTell – so let me sing this what should become a modern anthem about the growing social gaps:

because it is a FAQ of my readers using my site’s blog search,
I’ll post it again:
I found a CLASS CALCULATOR published at – hey – a silly tool, isn’t it? Is THAT the result of social sciences, no further thinking and analyzing?
if you like, then find out your own social class, are you:
Established middle class
Technical middle class
New affluent workers
Traditional working class
Emergent service workers
my opinion: a horrible flat social science;
needed: another level of thinking and analyzing …

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2 responses to “The Social Gap Anthem

  1. That class calculator is so “veddy British” in its assumptions and not particularly applicable to the North American market and yes, there is a definite need for a very different way of thinking and analyzing this “science”…


  2. Thank you Frizz for the lump in my throat . . . . beautiful singing and playing. The streets of London are everywhere.


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