If there is snow, we sometimes might feel we would live in a Tundra. A city tundra in my case and in the Tokyo photo by David Hufford below. “City Tundra” was the term created by Patti Kuche in NYC staring into a white, empty and icy Central Park. Chatting we developed the metaphor, that there exists also a “tundra state of mind” (till we meet someone who creates a warm atmosphere). The philosopher Nietzsche said: “To develop a metaphor is like to develop a new thought”, a new point of view, a new resume. Yes I had in my lifetime the pleasure to be the slave of some persons with a “tundra state of mind” – till I managed to free myself again. And for sure there are whole states we should classify as a social tundra. Somalia maybe? North Korea? The feminist Rita Banerji in Calcutta is very angry about the disregard of women’s rights in India. The social tundra in India.


Title=”成人の日” – photo by drichi2006 = David Hufford, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr.com – the photographer David Hufford comments himself: “I went to Jiyugaoka on a snowy Seijin no Hi. There, I found snow and a young lady all dressed up for Seijin no Hi.”

my “T”-song for today? “T” for Texas, T for Tennessee, T for Thelma, the girl who made a wreck out of me (for sure some women could answer with a guy who’s name was Theodor):

… and today I’ll learn to sing a song of TAMPA RED – see you tomorrow…

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10 responses to “Tundra

  1. Yet so many shrink from the warm offerings of freedom, friendship and fresh air of thought . . . glad you found your freedom Frizz and thank you always for your warmth.

    Love the Tokyo shot, and fun visiting T for Tennessee!


  2. T for Thelma, T for Texas and Tennessee. I heard Pete Seeger do this Jummy Rogers tune on banjo. Hint, hint. Your multi-tracking and joint efforts have been terrific, Frizz.


    • thanks, Stephen, for giving me courage to sing in a foreign language:
      maybe as if you were forced to sing in Hebrew? I’m not quite sure if you in the USA can understand the hidden and ironic message via my frizzenglish – maybe it is easier for people in India, North Korea or Russia to follow my school English? Certain messages also have not been part of the school lessons in the sixties; at least me / I / myself understood via the Tampa Red lyrics why blues wasn’t accepted in churches…
      I learned to improve my English while reading your book “UP IN THE BRONX”


  3. Wonderful picture. Nice song for this rainy morning.
    No Snow as in Sochi, the main subject of my weekly post : http://icezine.wordpress.com/2014/02/11/sochi-politics-politique-france/


  4. Is that you singing???? The tundra state of mind is a dangerous place. I like Nietzsche’s thoughts 🙂 Conversations with Patti are always stimulating 🙂 This is a great post, Frizz


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