Cigarbox Guitars

Cigarbox guitars are selfmade guitars. I believe, it is an interesting job to build an own unique instrument. The photo introduces some cigarbox guitars built by my friend Wolfgang in Graz – and the music features me on guitar – but also jmrukkers, Zurich, playing fast runs on his selfmade cigarbox guitar

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9 responses to “Cigarbox Guitars

  1. Mirada

    Works of art, they are!


  2. This looks like like lots of fun!
    Happy weekend! 🙂


  3. maverick09

    Hi there, you have some really cool cbgs there. I make cbgs too. Have a look at some of my instruments at I think that making these instruments banishes the mystery and mystique surrounding musical instruments and music. Let’s face it, a guitar is just a set of strings stretched across a sounding box, each string lengthened or shortened to create a different note. Keep up the good work.


  4. Bo Diddly and Lightin’ Hopkins both played guitars like this!


  5. What wonderful variety from the simplicity of a box . . .!


  6. wolfgangfoto

    hi frizztext
    thank you for the honor to show a part of my cigarbox guitars
    it is indeed a great fun to build a cigarbox guitar
    each guitar is an unique modell and i love the special sound of this guitar type because
    you have to play it without frets and with a bottle neck
    unfortunately i am a bad guitar player and so it is better to give you the link to an interesting player:

    enjoy it


  7. Wow they are amazing!


  8. Thanks for this, too – there is a great spirit in the self-made instrument. Love it!


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