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Tuesday’s A to Z challenge: “E”


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Start Date: Tuesdays, recurring weekly

Description: Every Tuesday I offer the “A to Z challenge”, walking step by step through the alphabet.
Last week we had the “tagged D”-challenge, so this week we’ll create a new turn with “E” – I’m sure you’ll also find a photo, a story or a music title tagged with “E”! Feel free to add in the comments below the link to your personal interpretation of the letter “E”!!! Myself I’ll focus on “END”:


I’m glad, that Glenn P., Florida, sometimes joins my guitar tracks and adds his vocals and genuine lyrics! I hope you’ll enjoy that as much as I do!

and thanks to “vastlycurious” / Kathryn (comment below) for her hint to the furious guitarist ESTAS TONNE:

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84 responses to “Tagged E

  1. That’s going to the end of the line in some style!


    • hi Patti, Elvis drove such a pink Caddy. He had his fat end in his white kind of royal dress, the “King of Rock ‘n Roll”. I think Glenn P. from Florida sings the lyrics with irony on my guitar track. I took the melody from J.J. Cale, my idol as a guitarist, who died last year R.I.P. – sometimes even New York is covered with snow, so that all traffic comes to an end. But this car is only a little replica, bought for my grandsons on a Russian garage market in East Berlin. There, between Russian uniform and military fragments, between old Soviet Union flags and abandoned clothes the American dream had found his early end – I had to free the little Cadillac for ten $ – he rests warm in my bookshelf now – still not rusty in my heart, but with a broken window pane (that was our cat) …


  2. Mirada

    How ’bout some Buddy Holly–“Everyday”?


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  5. I decided to play along this week. I chose engine as a topic. ENJOY!


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  7. Fats Suela

    Nice music to relax tonight! =) I have EASTWOOD today at GatheringBooks! =)


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  10. Here is my entry. The Empire State Building .http://wp.me/p23TG1-3pV



  11. I thought it was a real car! This is a great track.


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  13. I’m sure you will like my last article : http://icezine.wordpress.com/2014/02/04/derive-de-la-pensee-politique/
    Like that beautiful song, i’m speaking about a passion. Not love but sometimes, it is the end of the line.


    • dear Iceman,
      you wrote in your little essay for example:
      “- What happened to the passion? It was amended , decreased or ended up …
      – Power struggles in Ukraine, Thailand also show the influence of passion. In a fight for freedom or for just better world , protesters find themselves in extremist side , sometimes racist movements and can also switch to something against which they struggled out.
      – Our wounds make us react with passion.
      – take the time to do some real break before falling into an unhealthy passion , in politics or elsewhere…”
      Frizz reply:
      as a German author, with focus on the philosopher Immanuel Kant, I’m always skeptic about enthusiasm. Cool reason was the method Kant tried to support – watching the French revolution with sympathy. But he was not the man to build barricades on the streets. He hoped, that information, words, would be better than swords (or modern: Molotov cocktails). I hope writing is a chance, great enough to support political change. This is written in the times of global internet connection and digital social networks…


      • Dietmar — Nietzsche had said that often when the underclass is baying for equality, what it really wants is the corrupt power of the master class. I think that’s what happens often after the revolutions, whether in France, USSR, China or even South Africa and India.


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  15. http://wp.me/pKVAM-xl
    My ‘E’, Frizz, involves compost and writer’s block. And yes, you’ve posted a great track here.


    • hello Tish,
      I like your passage “the Nobel nominee says he is supposed to be a poet, but that when the poem is going badly, then he is a birdwatcher…” – so I like to see myself as a political author, but when writing is going badly, then I become a guitarist. But when playing guitar is going badly, then I grab my camera, though, when taking pictures is going badly, I start to play with my cat. She’s waiting daily for that point.


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  20. I’ve gone extravehicular! http://travelwithintent.com/2014/02/04/e-is-for-extravehicular/ Loved your picture and song Frizz.


  21. Hi there, another architectural wonder from me: http://wp.me/pL5Ms-10A
    Jude xx


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  23. Mine is: Epiphone (or electric guitar) http://wp.me/p4fJ8c-5U


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  25. Here is my entry for this week’s challenge: http://wp.me/p24idL-1QE


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    • why make expensive travels to Venice, Cairo or Paris, if you can have it cheaper in a Las Vegas miniature – P.S.: I like the jokes of David La Chapelle very much – better than to visit a boring empty chapel.


  30. G’day Frizz my post is about “early” but I am abit late this week…but here it is…



  31. Hi Frizz 🙂 So sorry I’ve neglected you lately. You float past in my Reader but I seldom have the time to catch up, though I often have a quick listen. I have some alphabets to link but it’s easy to get distracted.


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  33. Hi Frizz! Here I am….The contribution to your “EEE”…
    Hope you like it! 😉


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  35. Funny I devoted an entire Blog to your “E” Frizz but it didn’t ping! Well here it is ! http://wp.me/p2dwKf-1gw


  36. Beautiful



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  38. Another sunny Monday bringing me to your door – please have a look at


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  41. Pat

    Wow, I’m just in time for “F”. It took me a while but I think you will enjoy seeing this.


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