Russian Memories – Очи Черные

An experiment by telefan (lead guitar) and me (backing guitar): related to the French Gypsy swing standard “Les Yeux Noirs” (English: “Black Eyes” / Dark Eyes – Russian: Очи чёрные – Ochi Chyornye). Louis Armstrong liked this too singing “Otchi Tchor Ni Ya” / “Ochi Chernyie” = Очи Черные (Otchi ~ Ogi = Eyes? Очи Чор Ни Я who can help?) – maybe wrong spelling of the Russian title in Louis Armstrong’s lyrics…

now four YouTube links:
1 – Louis Armstrong

2 – Django Reinhardt’s version:

3 – Patricia Kaas:

4 – with wild violinist:

I often listened to Gypsy guitarists in the Netherlands (many of those musicians were killed during WW II in the concentration camps by the Nazi beasts in Germany) – I tried to fingerpick alone on my guitar = my modern German tribute to the Gypsies and their swinging kind of music, most famous hero: Django Reinhardt.

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3 responses to “Russian Memories – Очи Черные

  1. Armstrong sings correctly (a bit 🙂 )

    Here are two Russian versions:
    The first is ancient and canonical by Shalyapin:

    The second is nowadays but in the same tradition by Khvorostovsky:


  2. The Patrica Kaas vid is a cracker. Spasibo, Frizz.


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