Pete Seeger 1919 – 2014

My little tribute to Pete Seeger, who left us on January 28th, R.I.P.
Pete liked to play this song so much, even on stage last year with this song and new added lyrics (and with his famous 5-string clawhammer banjo), aged 94!


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8 responses to “Pete Seeger 1919 – 2014

  1. great tribute – so sad to hear that he has passed away 😦


  2. well i tried at one thirty in the morning, and it still won’t load. 😦

    nice tribute, even if my connection w/o sound, bells and whistles is slower than a tortoise! z


  3. I was sure you will write something on him. Grea tribute, thanks.


  4. As I watched, and listened, I kept thinking how beautiful, and young, his hands looked- eternally blessed by the gift of music and activism! I also liked his add-on about the UpState mountains of NY (where I spent time as a young person- and the part about being “frack-free” yeah Pete!!) I couldn’t watch the Emmy program the other evening-I kept wondering about social action and the singers who wrote about things other than themselves… I suppose I am getting old- maybe just not hearing the right music or not listening carefully enough…


  5. Amy

    Wonderful, wonderful tribute to Pete Seeger!


  6. He is often called a singer of protest songs, but that can give the wrong impression. He was always positive, maybe seeing how the power of music can change the world.


  7. nice – just posted some shots of him from 1973 ..


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