Playing For Change

I’m a great fan of the PLAYINGFORCHANGE project, such a good concept and so many wonderful musicians! Very cool for example: Robert Luti (Italy) on his rusty resonator guitar, often collaborating with him: Tula (Tal Ben Ari from Israel):
Roberto Luti

Tal Ben Ari "Tula"
Roberto Luti and Tula inspired me to pick on my guitar TEACH YOUR CHILDREN (thanks for support to a bass player from Argentina):

Glenn P. from Florida kindly added his vocals and message:

enjoy the magic of Tula and Roberto, watching the vimeo video:
teach your children

from Tula’s my space website:

let’s don’t worry from TAL BEN ARI on Myspace.

one love

redemption song

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10 responses to “Playing For Change

  1. Playingforchange is such a great concept. I especially love the collaborations on Bob Marley songs. Music all around the world, however and wherever you can, what could be better.


  2. a very nice concept. Thank you to share….I hope all musicians will always be free to play songs like that without paying anything to the majors. 😉


  3. I listened to them and they’re great! Love the concept


  4. you should check out Mike Del ferro, though he specialises in classic piano


  5. Nice that musicians are using their talents to spread peace around the world. Music IS a universal language. Thanks Frizz. I enjoyed the videos.


  6. Pat

    I too love Playingforchange.


  7. I love the PFC project and have fun sharing their CD’s as gifts. Thanks for spreading the word today. 🙂


  8. Love Tula’s voice *chills*
    thanks for the information about PFC project.


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  10. today I’m learning:


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