Paradise Session

me, playing on the guitar of Janusz, who died so many years earlier than me:
at soundcloud as well as at wikiloops musicians are adding their talents to a track I’ve introduced some days before featuring my friend Janusz, R.I.P., who died so much earlier than me …
latest result:



trying to update my old home recordings of my Yamaha MD4-multitrack: Janusz, he came from Poland, so much younger than me – and already dead since so many years, R.I.P. – maybe my upload brings his talent alive again? Feel free to download, add your instrument, upload again, send link…. chords: D /// etc. C Em D

at wikiloops:
4 Calle on lead guitar
4b Calle on bass
3 Mr. Adam on drums
2 Gernot, Blues Harp
1 the original track from 1999 on my Yamaha MD multitrack recorder
coments at wikiloops:
Keep your MD4-Discs in a good state, I still love my MD-8!!!!! Much better sound quality than any DAW! Do not throw the original recordings away!
Great comment from some great players. You must doing something right.
Wow, that’s so badass ! Can figure that jam in an epic far west cowboy movie … ! Haha !
CONGRATULATIONS to all involved – this sounds SO cool, it’s raw, gritty & yet polished as well – NICE !
Mr. Adam on drums commented:
Seriously fun cool paradise session, blues rock style!
[thanks to him for the title of this post!]

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One response to “Paradise Session

  1. Amy

    Great music! Thank you, Frizz!


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