Music Software Development

Vinyl players, tape recorders, cassettes, CD players, youtube, soundcloud, wikiloops etc. : it’s going on fast.
title=”microsillon” photo by spc49, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on
new software experiment:
a wordpress playlist:

question – if you have time to listen to five tracks
– what would be your favorite???

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3 responses to “Music Software Development

  1. and you forget 78rpm vinyl, 33rpm vinyl, DAT, minidisc, SACD…those 3 latest being unknown for so many people.
    And remember the compression formats : MP3 of course but also WMA, AAC, Ape, FLAC, Ogg. In 20 years, would you remember that ? But i’m sure of one thing : You’ll play or listen music !


  2. kansa muse

    I have enjoyed your blog. I also awarded you two awards. Please check my blog.


  3. MP3’s goodness how things have changed in my lifetime!


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