I was interviewed as a blogger (amazon “Hall Of Fame” book reviewer) by Jens Jacob in my home. He made a movie document featuring professional criticasters from the university as well as self-made writers and bloggers like me. There’s a youtube trailer and an link – sorry, it’s in German language. The former student of media sciences now got a job on a television channel in Cologne.



my wife Barbara ( a professional photographer) also was interviewed for a local TV-channel, language German – but some of her erotic photos (and some music) in the background…

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15 responses to “Interview

  1. What a great thing to be a part of this interview and documentary.


  2. This is wonderful news, and exciting too. What a beautiful things happening there… I wished to know your own language dear Frizz 🙂 Thank you, love, nia


    • hi Nia,
      I saw this DVD (one hour) without speakers, in complete silence, and was amused, that only the body-language of the 7 interviewed people said it all – you do not need language to understand and classify a human being – the wisdom of a photographer …


  3. I think I can understand what you mean. How interesting sometimes people in the same language can’t understand each other, and sometimes they can understand even without any language… This is wisdom of course… According to the ancient philosopher, Pythagoras I am not yet in the wisdom age, still learning…. 🙂 Thank you so much, love, nia


  4. well deserving I’m sure!…the interview…being able to give your thoughts…Oh, if only I understood your language…still holds us back a little…


  5. Fantastic! My college German failed me terribly, but just to see you as part of the interview was great! Bravo!


  6. Wow! Congratulations!


  7. That is great, my dear Frizz! I am so happy to see you in that documentary. Your sound is so nice! I mean, I don’t understand German but It was a pleasure listening to the sound of your words and voice! 🙂



    Congratulations! I wish I understood more of your words!


  9. Glad to know an international celebrity. Didn’t understand your German. Also didin’t understand the clip from the roller coaster, but it was a good ride too. All the best and a Gut Jahr.


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