Plans for 2014

I’ll try to continue featuring photographers, musicians and bloggers 2014 – I hope you’ll like it as you did 2013. Ironically the photo below is titled “The Man with No Music in Him”. But I’m happy, that some musicians inspired me enough, to upgrade my soundcloud account (listen to my banjo below, hidden between the overwhelming efforts of my more talented friends) – I hope you’ll enjoy my remix project 2014…

The Man with No Music in Him
title=”The Man with No Music in Him” – photo by Studio d’Xavier, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on

What are YOUR plans for 2014?

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13 responses to “Plans for 2014

  1. P.S.:
    I also like jam sessions with harp players. Matrix: Sony Terry & Brownie McGhee. But there are followers: Adam Gussow (Prof. for Mathem.) and “Satan”:

    I also enjoy, if my guitar tracks get a remix by a harp player, example: Gernot Baur (harp) joined my ALBERTA fingerstyle_guitar version


  2. Plans? Hmmm… more blogging, more Portugal, more Poland… not necessarily in that order. That reminds me- I have a Z post I can link to you 🙂 Hope 2014 is kind to you, Deitmar.


  3. I love the jam session! We just gave our 2 1/2 yr. old grandson a harmonica for Christmas; he’s still figuring it out and his parents may never speak to us again…..but look at the potential! I’ll show them this jam session!!
    My plans for 2014 are “fluid”; I’m still sorting it all out after a rather rocky ending to 2013, but I know it will involve a lot more photography!


  4. After being retired for 3 years…I’m wanting to fulfill some of the things on my “list” … and maybe work again at something I completely love…will be looking!


  5. My plans for 2014: traveling to Chiapas, France and Peru. Maybe not in that order but I’ll try to fulfill my wishes.
    Kind greetings and ¡Happy New year 2014!


  6. Caddo

    Happy 2014 to you Frizz!


  7. Enjoying my grandchildren as you will also enjoy yours dear Frizztext 🙂


  8. Always enjoy your photos and the snippets of music you allow us to listen to. Hope to see you more in 2014!



    I plan to follow my passions and live my dreams today as you never know when you will run out of somedays! Happy New Year Frizz and keep the tunes coming!


  10. Love the photo! Wishing you the best in 2014! 🙂


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