Up we go

A church steeple to shoot prayers in the sky, a TV tower to broadcast stupid programs, a Ferris wheel around to lift up our complete family: Somehow we struggle with the challenge of sky. What is missing is a jet fighter squadron, which crosses here. However, my Berlin photo was chosen of the 500 best among the millions of daily-selection at Flickr: EXPLORE




what I’m actually learning on my Dobro guitar – arranged as an instrumental as usual: “Jesus on the mainline” by Fred McDowell (also performed by Ry Cooder etc.) some guitar lessons and covers: “Jesus on the mainline”

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writer, photographer, guitarist

12 responses to “Up we go

  1. There is a wonderful sense of up-ness in this shot, Frizz, and it deserves to be selected. I like the notion of the church steeple shooting prayers at the sky. Nothing wrong with prayers of course, so long as their dogma has been disarmed, and they are big soaring thank yous from those of us lucky enough to live in peace.


  2. Caddo

    I LOVE the idea of a church steeple “shooting prayers”!


  3. I like the angle from which you shot the photograph in order to get all that in. Unusual.


  4. Congrats, Frizz! Nice shot!


  5. This is a symmetry and symbolism in this photo that I really like…especially the prayers shooting to the sky- perhaps from some of the people going ’round and ’round in endless circles? Someday soon I hope to blog about the ‘Unemployment Ministries’ of the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis, MN. I visited there yesterday, on a referral. I experienced a place where ministry is a living thing…people were coming and going- sheltering from the bitter cold, receiving food, getting needs met for transportation, child care, mental health…and some, no matter their circumstances, were finding support in the search for work. The issue for me is a job with steady pay- the photography and writing must be a hobby with hopes of ‘gainful incorporation’?! 🙂 I am one of those on the Ferris wheel, my prayers shooting to the sky via the spire. Needless to say your photo moves me on the artistic, and personal level.


  6. Love, love, love the sound. The plucker is very “organic”. Beautiful guitar playing


  7. Thank you for taking me to Berlin.
    And for reminding me to look up at the sky which sometimes carries us aft!
    Jeanne Poland
    PS I count on your new sound clouds to hear while I read literary gems!


  8. Congratulations Frizz! For me nothing is missing in the photo, it’s grate the way you took it. That’s why it was chosen among millions 🙂


  9. Amy

    Wow, from millions … Congratulation, Frizz!


  10. Love your playing, Frizz. Congratulations on the perfect photo. 🙂


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