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Yesterday died: Nelson Mandela (1918-2013), R.I.P. – he knew how to resist with perseverance. There were even more of these extraordinary people: the German Martin Luther – or the American Dr. Martin Luther King. There was Henry David Thoreau – and Julian Assange. There was Mikhail Gorbachev – or once the German philosopher Immanuel Kant (“If a man makes himself a worm, he must not complain when he is trodden on.”). And there are currently Edward Snowden (in Moscow) and his supporter at NSA uncovering Sarah Harrison (currently in Berlin). Asked how her phone was secure, she replies: “I have no phone!”

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15 responses to “how to resist

  1. Men like this aren’t made every day! He resisted for so long. I’m happy for him that his struggle is over. The baton is handed on. 🙂


  2. A great man – may many more follow!


  3. They are certainly examples of how persistence eventually pays.


  4. A remarkable life. And a hard act to follow.
    PS: You forgot to include Gandhi 🙂


  5. He leaves a lasting legacy.


  6. Thoreau, Mandela, Gandhi….and when Mandela Died, some people in the world have to resist to powerful destruction like the IMF is doing in Portugal, Greece after Africa, south america ….And the main lesson with mandela was forgiveness


  7. aljaja

    Mandela, Martin Luther King und Gandhi haben die Welt verändert, indem sie die Menschen zum Umdenken brachten. Veränderung beginnt im Kopf! Dass das niemand mehr bezweifeln kann, gehört zu Mandelas größten Errungenschaften.


  8. In our South African language, Afrikaans, we call them VASBYTERS. That is a person who would not let go, thie closest I can get to a translation is to persevere, a person that would nit give up


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