Walk The Line

Glaring Bull, Avoncliff Halt 02.12.2013 Control informed.

frizztext: When I discovered this lonesome cattle on a railroad track (surfing through FLICKR’s EXPLORE) I had to grab my banjo trying to fingerpick the melody of Johnny Cash’s famous “I walk the line”. The photographer Carl Brunnock himself commented: “Glaring Bull, Avoncliff Halt, Bradford on Avon, England, GB, 02.12.2013 Control informed.” The picture was kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the image to enter Carl Brunnock’s galleries on Flickr.com

music link below: me, fingerpicking my banjo! R.I.P. Johnny Cash!

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writer, photographer, guitarist

6 responses to “Walk The Line

  1. Enjoying you banjo playing!


  2. Poor animal….He lost his mom and wanted maybe to see somethingelse than a slaughterhouse 😦 go vegan


    • for me it is also a metaphor for the human existence: sometimes trapped in a bad job or something else – with no way out, no chance to escape, only the blind walk just forward to the abyss …


  3. Trying to keep my mind wide open all the time!


  4. Johnny Cash is great! Love the music, Frizz!


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