While my guitar gently sleeps


While my guitar gently sleeps, my little Volkswagen bus is exercising the roller coaster ride. And poor George Harrison’s been dead so long! I have played so often his compositions on my electrical red Gibson guitar with those nylon strings while remembering the time of optimism and hope for change in 1968 …

the photo of my red guitar made it among the crowd of 1 million daily uploads into the 500 top ranking pictures of flickr’s daily EXPLORE list…
– 518 million (517,863,947),
– 43 million per month in average,
– 1.42 million per day in average.
Flickr may have lost 63% of its photos after being acquired by SmugMug (updated Oct. 2019).

About frizztext

writer, photographer, guitarist

18 responses to “While my guitar gently sleeps

  1. your guitar is so beautiful…….thanks so much for sharing.


  2. It’s no wonder, your VW guitar coaster is a fabulous picture – I love the way the instrument floats…


  3. Congrats on your well deserved Explore photo Frizz! I’m slowly building a Flickr page and love looking through the daily Explore choices. I’ll go back through to find this one now. 🙂 Thanks for the great music clip too.


  4. One of my favorite songs. Can see why your red guitar photo was hit on so often! WOW.


  5. Congrats on your well-deserved Flickr hit Frizz, a most handsome picture! And what a lovely track!


  6. Congratulations on your red guitar making it to 500! Well deserved indeed 🙂


  7. Every day you make me sing!


  8. Volkswagen’s and guitars. What fun!
    Congrats. 🙂


  9. Beautiful red guitaer that I’m sure has played a great many songs besides the George Harrison ones. The red guitar and VW iuch a fun photo. ~~ : – )


  10. Beautiful red guitar makes beautiful music, flowing from your fingertips!


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