The Old Banjo


Many of the readers of my daily blog know that I like to play guitar, because I often introduced my fingerstyle guitar here. Recently I repaired my old banjo. After over 50 years it became alive again. I hope you can identify the melody: my tribute to Kris Kristofferson & Janis Joplin 🙂

on the road again
title=”on the road again” – photo by, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on
Chronology of THE SOUNDCLOUD RADIO till now [under construction]:
1. Drew Ford, UK
2. Marina Kanavaki, Greece
3. Milla Brune, Belgium
4. Chris Okunbor, Australia
5. Mr. T, Netherlands
6. playlist of 24!
7. Flamenco!
my cat Emily, waiting for me
to play banjo again …

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10 responses to “The Old Banjo

  1. wolfgangfoto

    gratulation to the reanimation of the old banjo
    a new life in the old body
    ich habe die jugendgitarre meiner frau (die gitarre ist jetzt über 30 jahre alt ) wieder auf vordermann gebracht, war viel zu tun: die wirbel, ein pickup und der drei- wege- schalter waren auszutauschen ; da die meisten teile nicht mehr zu bekommen waren , mußte ich neue teile in alte gehäuse einbauen.,
    jetzt hatr sie wieder einen wunderbaren sound
    :-)) wolfgang


  2. Banjo back to life…how neat is that!…My husband and I listened to Janis Joplin “Me and Bobby McGee”…
    we were true hippies after he came back from VietNam for awhile…


  3. I love the banjo! I hope to own one someday, and learn to play it. So,I was delighted to open WordPress today and hear you plucking away. Thank you for the enjoyment of a wonderful instrument. 🙂


  4. Banjo echoes are like wine: better with age.
    Jeanne Poland
    I’m taking my laptop to my relatives’ house in the woods so they can listen to your strums for Thanksgiving. Thank you.


  5. Ah, so happy you brought your banjo to back to life!! 🙂


  6. Feeling good is good enough for me . . .


  7. Happy times – a new instrument to hear you play … !!!
    Janis Joplin came to mind instantly when I heard the tune. I think
    she sang it much better than Kris K.
    Excellent rendition on the banjo. ~~~~~~ : – ) I think Emily agrees and is
    waiting patiently.


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